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  1. Those plate mails his paladins wear are worth lots of money. They are also good protection on three of my heroes. I wish I had killed more paladins.
  2. I have a L4 Druid that can change into a wolf on normal difficulty. Its more like a giant werewolf. It does pretty good damage. I am leading in total damage, crits, kills, etc. A little squishy if you arent careful with positioning. I cast spells first, then shape change after. Its really good against trash.
  3. I just bullied my way through most of Baric's keep. Its a familiar setup, mutliple ways to approach the issue. My party was strong enough for a frontal assault. Magic and positioning are powerful. But, I reloaded and tried for a more stealthy approach. Even so, I ignored the obvious clue and ended up killing a lot of people on th esecond floor. But the whole quest line is a very familiar one. I'm seeing a lot of bait and switch on theses NPC interactions. You intend to go kill one, find out maybe they arent so bad then maybe you change your mind. I'm never sure which side to take. The answ
  4. Well after so much wiping under there, I went all the way back to the first inn to get more camping gear. I hired a dwarf rogue and then went back to the bear and killed it with a full team. Then I walked all the way back to Caed Nua and finished up under there. What a surprise when it was finished! Didnt really do too many side quests.
  5. I am playing a Druid. I have 5 guys including me party, level 4. I've spent most of the afternoon wiping in the dungeon under Caed Nua. Positioning and area spells help, but sometimes its a wipe in every room.
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