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  1. Long before this quest I got irritated by the Doemenels so I killed everybody in the house. Needless to say, I'm not going to get invited by them. Problem is, I've got no one in that house to talk to, so the Doemenels did not formally reject me either. Now the Crucible Knights and the Dozens both refused to help me because I have good relationship with the other. And I do not have an conversation option with Lady Webb to ask the Dunryd Row to invite me. I compared my quest page against the wiki (http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/The_Hermit_of_Hadret_House), it looks like I'm stuck at id=10002, and it is supposed for the game to recognize that none of the three parties is inviting me (id=20006, 20007, 20008, 7). Is this a bug? Or is there something I should do to get the game to recognize that I cannot get an invitation? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I chose to receive my key from GoG.com. As GoG games are not auto-patched, I looked around trying to find the patch after 1.03 came out. To my chagrin I failed to find it on GoG.com, the forum, my account or paradox website. Is there any way I can patch my game? Thanks!
  3. The result is dependent on your choices. If I recall correctly: 1. bring people together: bonus accuracy and damage when same target as teammate 2. consistent and reliable: convert grazes to hits 3. bravest when worst: bonus accuracy and damage when <50% endurance 4. nothing gets in the way: vicious (your result) a. desire resilience: recover endurance when damaging enemy b. mightier version of what i am today: exceptional c. inspire those around me: teammate gets +accuracy attacking your target d. subdue foes with my power: stunning (your result)
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