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  1. Still no performance optimizations although some areas (Defiance Bay) work at 20 fps for most people. Nice.
  2. There are no graphical settings at all, but yes, you will be fine with that GPU.
  3. Description: Each time the game loads a new asset, I get these micro-stutters or hitches for a half a second or a second. Mostly audio, like NPC banter or dialogue, but it happens in combat, with opening inventory/character screen, and when walking from one part of the map to another too. This is not the same problem as people who had to disable their network adapters because in my case hitches aren't nearly as long, but just to be sure I tried disabling it and nothing changed. What I've tried: As this sounds like HDD is too slow at loading assets, I tried testing it with various utilities and found zero errors. I also tested RAM, same thing. Tried overclocking and underclocking CPU. Updated all drivers. Defragmented HDD. Formatted and reinstalled (different) OS to exclude any software causes. Cleaned my PC from dust and made sure nothing is overheating. I also tried fixes like running the game as administrator, disabling MSAA and similar stuff that was posted around forums. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: None really, it happens all the time. Important Files: Output Log, System Specs CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 955 3,2Ghz RAM: 4GB 1333Mhz HDD: WD Blue 7200 RPM GFX: GTX 650 Ti Boost 2GB VRAM OS: Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview, Build 9926 (But I also tried it on Windows 8.1 x64) I tried to attach output log and dxdiag, but since the forums won't let me, I sent them along with a copy of this post to your support e-mail. Thank you in advance.
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