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  1. How will the patch be distributed to Microsoft Store (XGP) customers? Will the Xbox app patch the game? Microsoft Store? Windows Update?
  2. My game crashes when loading any new area (Going from Byzantium to Emerald Vale for example). Thankfully it auto-saves before the loading screen, so I just reload and continue on. Still, quite annoying. PC Ryzen 5 2600/Radeon RX 5700 XT
  3. Update: The issue resolved itself as soon as I landed on Scylla. Thinking back, the issue may have appeared as soon as I left Scylla? Odd. Update 2: Bug comes back as soon as I leave Scylla's surface. (Including entering buildings) Also, SAM is not affected.
  4. I have the same exact issue. (Playing on PC) I installed the game and played through 10+ hours without issues. Last weekend I updated my hard disk and re-installed the OS and game. Xbox app pulled down my save and I continued no problem. That's when this bug cropped up. In-game models are properly lit, just the menu is blacked out.
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