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  1. So far (some hours into game) I find the translation not bad (some dialogues are very fluent and really nice to read), but there are some very obvious translation mistakes (gender specific just for example). Some mistakes seem as thou the translator got some text without any context and therefore no chance to get it right or there is no common terminology all translators have access to. Translations are often outsourced and quantity counts more than quality. It is not always the translator to blame for an insuffiecient translation. You can't deliver quality without context and enough time for the translation. But time is money, they say ... This is just my personal view as a professional translator. For a video game translator it would be paradies to play test a game during translation (to have context when you struggle with one single word without any context - often in the UI)! From my experience only fan based projects offer this luxury. PS: Specifically, I personally have no problem with "Gewandheit". It is also used as an attribute in the German "Das Schwarze Auge" (The Dark Eye) - THE pen and paper role playing game originating from Germany.
  2. I have the same problem. I have searched everything. After I had left the cave I initiated the cutscene, saved the game and quit. Today, I looted everything while I had these "visions" and "portal things" appearing. Now I have no option and no way out of the ruin. Did I miss something?
  3. Hi! Intalled gog version yesterday and started (automatically?) game, played some hours and saved. Today my savegames seemed to have vanished (only new game option available)! Solution: Look at the admin savegame folder \adminuser\saved games\obsidian something... and copy them over to the savegame folder of you user.
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