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  1. Why would anyone want to walk slower? I thought this might be asking for a toggle to turn walking off... You can enjoy the scenery and "RP" and still move faster than a snail ya know. :-p
  2. Path of the Damned, Trial of Iron, Expert. Third playthrough and I got revenge on the damn bear cave. I'm not even gonna sell their pelts, they took out my first character after I thought hey only three bears...
  3. I'm playing on the hardest setting with ironman turned on, boy did I facepalm when I entered the bear cave and thought my barbarian could take it... You definitely need a tank or two at the hardest levels, I've learned to be VERY cautious when playing on the hardest setting. That said, I've thus far only have had to restart 3 times (was so arrogant thinking I could do it with my main being a barbarian or wizard...) and I've got a strat down where I run from any large groups and try to pull only one or two at a time if I see a pack of anything. Wouldn't have it any other way, easy mode is for whimps :-p
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