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  1. I've pre-ordered Steam version of the game (adventurer edition) in one of online shops in my country. I've added game code to Steam 1 day before official release of this game and I still wonder... Where are my 2 items? Where is little pig? Or the ring? I've got nothing to download from Steam and (as addition to this problem) so far I've got not a single trophy from this game, but according to trophy's description, I should have got at least 4 of them. So how long should i wait for those 2 bonus items to appear in my inventory?
  2. Try this : AreaTransition AR_0802_Gilded_Vale_Wilderness North 1
  3. I have a temporary solution (temporary, because Devs should fix it by a patch) that worked for me. enable console by pressing ~ + Enter Write iroll20s <- that command enables cheats in the game. Press ~ + Enter again and copy/paste that: AreaTransition AR_0705_Gilded_Vale North You will be in Gilded Vale Good luck
  4. I have this issue and I'm playing as cleric, so it doesn't matter what class you chose.
  5. This solution doesn't work for me. My game crashes every time I want to leave armory of Raedric's Castle - even if I try it with cheat. Any other solutions?
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