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  1. sorry for my english ) I think its more of a character issue rather than the game itself this is the first time i had played games like PoE (wanted to try it cause i used to watch my brother play NWN) im currently playing on hard and its quite difficult to micromanage with so many characters to control have you tried getting durance first?? located on the map next to gilded vale he can actually help you with heals and stuff i think with 4 characters you can fight shades and shadows pretty easy and as i play games if i had tried on that area and i kept on dying i try to check if there are other ways to skip the area... maybe it not the dungeon that your supposed to go in yet.
  2. well in my case i had added (male_) or (female_) on each file name then it appeared on the game... the only hassle is i needed to change ALL of them... transferred IWD portraits on my folder... anyone who can help me with this? very lazy to change file names one by one
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