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  1. My experience thus far: Progression: Heritage Hill Level 7 Pale Elf Rogue Max Might Max Dex 8 Stealth 5 Mechanics I have not had many problems outside of enemies who summon additionals, i.e. Banshee. I do not believe I will get further as a lot of encounters begin with unavoidable combat due to dialogue. My damage has seemed to plateau as weapons are not dealing damage that scales with level. I have used the same dagger for four levels. The best way I can forsee myself progressing is using an arbalest/crossbow combo to sneak, do massive damage, and use Shadowing Beyond t
  2. WARNING: IF YOU DO THIS YOU MAY NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE ACHIEVEMENTS Note: Cheats will be disabled when you load/reload a save. Temporary Fix: Open Pillars of Eternity Hit ~ Key to open console Type "iroll20s" to enable cheats The two commands you can copy/paste are: AreaTransition AR_0707_Raedrics_Hold_Ext North1 AreaTransition AR_0708_Raedrics_Hold_Int_01 North1 The first command gets you outside of the keep. I suggest doing this first and hard saving. This will allow you to have a clear file outside. (My issue was I only had a save two hours prior and the
  3. Can we get a dev in here to give us an ETA on if this can get fixed? I would like to enjoy this game but I feel that it's going to be impossible passing this area if it continues to black screen.
  4. I am having the same issue. Don't feel the need to post my log because it's the same exact issue. Top of the hold, try to zone in, loading screen, then a black screen that plays effects and it crashes. All I wanted to do was get loot .
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