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  1. Does https://www.deadfirescavenger.com/ still work? Ah okay found that didnt work but this did https://eternity.obsidian.net/scavenger
  2. There is a door in the Ducal Palace (not the locked doors) that also cannot be targeted. I see a lootable item in there, I have stopped playing as there is no other way in and I do not wish to miss content. Could be a quest item or person in that room that lets me into the meeting. This bug is really annoying. Why is removing the fog of war a exploit?
  3. Slight update Okay I found a fix. Reloading a save doesn't fix it. I had to quit the game and reload the save. That fixed it.
  4. I have reached Copperlane, the Goose and Fox. When I right click a book to read it. Nothing happens ( I think the game pauses in background. I right click it again and the book opens. When I close the book and go back to main screen. The game is paused. Space will not bring you out of it, you have to hit EXC. It now happens for all books. It did not happen before.
  5. Hello. In the area behind the wall where the goo creature is hiding. When I turned scout mode on it said I found treasure. Screen refocused, but nothing purple displayed to show the treasure. Is this a bug?
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