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  1. This hasn't worked. The first time it happened for me, I loaded a save from a previous area. It fixed it the first time, but now nothing seems to fix it. All of the save files have this same bug, and sometimes even the party members will be just white boxes.. As I said on the post that was started yesterday( http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/71874-companion-is-gone-when-i-load-a-saved-game/ ) it seems to be happening with the bear animal companion only. It's also not just when you load a game save or when you die. Hope that helps.
  2. It really isn't unfortunately. It only seems to be happening with the bear animal companion though. I've spoken to other rangers, and they chose the wolf with no issues at all and hours of game play already logged. Hope that helps!
  3. Ugh, that's no good. At least Int seems to increase the duration, thanks so much for testing that and letting us know. I seem to be in a bad spot when the form duration runs out. I hope they add a duration counter at some point. It's not needed I'd say, but it definitely would be super helpful.
  4. It's not letting me upload them. output_log.rarYou aren't permitted to upload this kind of file 69abcf3d46e04a0cbec69e0eb883a2c7 8085347 TempleofEothas.rarYou aren't permitted to upload this kind of file
  5. This bug happened earlier, and reloading a previous save in another area seemed to fix it. Now I'm stuck completely as I had no save from a previous area and all saves seem to be corrupted now. The bug is severe and game-stopping since you can't leave an area without your companion.
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