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  1. Looks like pcgamesn tweet is gone, they are trashy click-bait writers who often don't know what they are talking about, their twiiter account has barely any traction. Hopefully Obsidian see the good sense in not talking Epic's money, the backlash is not worth it. Fortnite kids are not going to buy into a game like The Outer Worlds, few are going to leave Steam and sign up to Epic's outlet.
  2. A Fallout alternative... If your not familiar with Xenozoic Tales which later acquired the more catchy title Cadillacs and Dinosaurs it was one of the sources of inspiration for the original Fallout launching all the way back in 1986. It's rarely ever mentioned but I definitely read some acknowledgement somewhere long ago from someone who worked on Fallout, particularly the iconic Fallout artwork with a couple in blue jumpsuits was derived from Xenozoic Tales art. Indeed Fallout shares shares a lot in common, both universes have a retro 50's look mixed with high tech and are set in a p
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