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  1. I wish. To reiterate, I seriously have not had any fires set by vanilla use of the Firethrowers or Wyrmtongues with 4 star cannoneers in multiple engagements, some lasting up to 12 rounds.
  2. That's precisely what I was wanting to try, but even with 4 star canonneers, I wasn't getting anything with Firethrowers. I've been trying to mod the chance of a fire, but looking at the data and the docs, it doesn't seem to be possible. The closest I can get is removing all other events except the fire ones, so if it's an event, it will be a fire.
  3. I get more fires with double bronzers, including double fires such as hull and sails. Fairly often too with 4 stars. Actually I get infinitely more fires than with wyrmtongues, since with them I got a total of... 0! Also, just tried Magranite Firethrowers, and they set... 0 fires. Totally broken, and disappointing. I wanted to try a Firethrower Voyager that can dictate distance, no dice.
  4. Yeah, I was using 3 and 4 star canonneers and... nothing. Unfortunate. Thanks.
  5. I've searched threads and reddit but can't find a definitive answer. I've fought three ships exclusively with wyrmtongues, no fires were ever set, even during 10 round fights. Are wyrmtongues bugged?
  6. Ahh, so it's not at a vendor, but the re-supply screen. *facepalm* Thanks!
  7. Trying not to spoil anything, but there is supposedly ship upgrades that you can get in Dunnage. Which vendor should I be looking for? I have been around the island a couple of times to no avail, no one seems to sell ship equipment.
  8. Can you remember which option, exactly? I can't get his quest started in WM2.
  9. Hi, Picked him up in WM1, and talked to him then, until I read his quest is in WM2. Started WM2, and explored all of his conversation options (I think), and his quest won't start. I have the latest Steam build. Can someone tell me the exact conversation options to get the quest to start, so I can double check, please?
  10. Confirmed. EDIT: Entering a console command seems to nudge the conversation along, even with the diplomatic answer. I entered "quit", but I'm guessing anything will do.
  11. This helmet supposedly gives Whisper of Treason, but I can't see it available, and I've tried on different characters. Do you need a cipher to use it? Because there are other spellbind helmets usable by anyone...
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