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  1. You mean the game where you could at the same time be the leader of two opposing religions, the army, the mages guild, the thieves guild and god knows what else? Hell, if you are the leader of the temple some of the things in the main quest make absolutly no sense (the temple ordinators attacking you while you are still the leader of their religion).
  2. Then start by being angry at Eric: the man who calls for all men, logically including those like him, to be murdered! I have no idea who Eric is, but the woman who first brought up this whole thing has indeed joked with "Kill all men." Very clearly joked. Are you seriously using that as an attack? Because that's... pretty darn hilarious, actually. It's like when I got called a eugenicist for doing a joke bit pretending to be an old-timey scientist. For someone so adamantly defending an offensive piece of humor, you really should pay more attention to what is and isn't serious! No
  3. Any educated guess on whether the patch will be able to retroactively fix the issues regarding missing and overboosted stats on characters? I'd prefer not to have to start a new game.
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