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  1. Bester я вижу ты на яндекс заливал ффайлы, если ты говоришь по русски обьясни как элемнтарный ретекстуринг сделать
  2. Can any1 expalin. For example i want to edit brigandine_armor_exceptional. i know wheres unity3d file is, how to find and edit texture?
  3. still cant understand how to edit textures
  4. Wish we have normal meshexport/import
  5. Thanks!!! Do it include some new features, or same as last for beta ? Big thanks anyway!
  6. For example i open adragan_armor asset but 1) Where to find it texture? 2) Even if i want to edit icons how to do it/ i click on it it shows in insprctor and thats all, i can do nothing with it, no export or import
  7. And in what asstes character creation textures and armor textures?
  8. Can anyone make tutorial how to export - edit - import textures?
  9. The mod is feature locked at the moment, cause the release is what, 13 hours? He (and I) means in future ofcourse PLZ, u think it possible?
  10. +100500!!! It would be super if Bester can add such console command, PLZZ!!!!!!!!
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