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  1. I thought it was really cool that you could kill carth if you played as a dark female and made him fall in love with you. You had the option of killing him or Bastila killing him, apparantly bioware cut out another option of swiching back to the light and dying with carth on the starforge.
  2. I personally use a really cool mod to change the dark side face of one of the female characters, instead of her face getting creased it gets tatoos you can download the mod here It only works with that particular female though.
  3. I'm interested in modding my XBOX, how did you do it? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> PM me your email
  4. I have a modded xbox and all the mods work except 1.hacked people(im on about brand new people, not re-skins they work fine) 2.anything that requires you to bring up the cheat menu(because the xbox version does not have it. 3. Any mod that comes in the form of an "auto installer" instead of just the files.
  5. GO TEAM GIZKA!!! if you have the PC version of the game you can already download the unfinished HK-50 factory HERE you cant do it for xbox because you cant bring up the cheat menu
  6. Nah , I worked out where it was, it was actually on a droid that is right next to where you dock (not one that in a cell) I feel like a right idiot, I thought my game had gliched up because I have already completed it 3 times and never had this problem, I must have just walked past it like a moron, o well thx for the quick replies.
  7. I have spoken to both droids, one gives me "reset" program and the other gives me the turret codes, neither give me "shutdown"
  8. I have got access to the power(from where I got the exile) I have put all the power from primary to secondary,but for some reason when I go to the Bridge control it does not let me turn off power, so I can't get to the ebon hawk, is this a glich or am I doing something wrong? I have the xbox versio of the game.
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