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  1. Hear hear! i can imnagine why people would be pissed about the "double click issue" - but generally people seem to be more interested in nitpicking than enjoying the sheer scale of the game and all the things it does RIGHT instead of claiming a single aspect of this huge production ruins the entire experience... Nice to see someone stand up for the poositive aspects of POE - i tried making such a post myself but it didnt get through the mods.
  2. Im tired of seeing people whine in here and i think it's time for some loving to the Obsidian team. Thanks for bringing back the age of proper RPG - i havnt been this enthralled in a game since Dragon Age 1. So lets make a thread here where people show the appreciation for the enormity of the game, and the struggle it took to realize it. And NOT whine about disappearing focus or things not stacking... Show your support here!
  3. Battlemage has always been my favorite form of playing rpg's. Has anyone that has tried the beta any insihgt in what class would be best suited to this?
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