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  1. I agree 100% with this, but I also disagree 100% with this response of therefore excluding them altogether. I'm not advocating taking a leaf from Inquisition's book and the politics of their developers. What I am saying is that throwing out romances from an Infinity inspired RPG is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
  2. I'm not making fun of it. I'm approaching it with the dead-seriousness it deserves. You are right about one thing: Your viewpoint is legion. There's too many of your ilk around. The RPG genre as a whole has had no choice over the years but to give you guys what you want. And the result is plain for all to see. Bioware, the company that once gave us stunning time-honored Classics with unmatched gameplay like Baldur's Gate, Baldurs Gate 2 and Knights of the Old Republic, is now reduced to releasing interactive soap operas like Mass effect and Dragon age - Games with terrible onedimensional com
  3. There must be a level of humour here that I don't get, when reacting like a butthurt 17 year old who provokes arguments that he can't win, elicits laughter. I suppose this is the best I can do:
  4. Making fun one of my posts isn't a substitute for a rebuttal of my points. (The points I remind you, you started off by disputing) Sorry, Stun.
  5. So you're crucifying me for not initially mentioning it more explicitly? That would be taking nitpicking to its extreme. Either way, it's been laid out several times now in my previous comments. Quite labouring your moot point. That wasn't the subject of that sentence. Stop conflating. I'm just wondering what your argument still is. That the original, base BG1 didn't have romances. It didn't. Apparently the developers thought that was a missing feature and added it later in the enhanced edition. It was included in the sequel and has been included from then onward. I'm sorry if you don
  6. Tsk tsk tsk... more aggressiveness. Of course this particular point is. Me mentioning a number of games in the related RPG franchise, and then someone concentrating on one is nitpicking, especially considering that its most up to date version includes a romance. Is this point really that crucial? I'm overjoyed to learn ten thousand people agree with me, which underlines my point why it would have been a good feature to include. Made by the same company... in the same universe. It seems obvious to me that one refer to Baldur's Gate as a series. I'm sorry, Obsidian, not Bioware, made
  7. I see what you're saying. The way I see it, having the romance potential within the game first of all shows the level of depth of potential character interaction. The romances in BG2 were all optional, could at any time have been broken off by a few off colour comments to your companions. If you wanted though, and played your cards right, the possibility was there. What is more, it also classicly would show which territory and themes the game dared to enter into. Sexuality, love, loss... aren't these deeper subjects that motivate and cause tremors in the world and story? To me it draws a
  8. Wow... there are a lot of angry pricks on this forum, that's for sure. Particularly those that think passive aggression and silly insults are a substitute for a constructive discussion. Whatever. I've given my point why I think romances should be included. If you disagree, you disagree.
  9. @Gromnir: Are you among the developers? Why are you using the 1st person plural? (Are you royalty?) As for the romances, I agree with you what you've said, insofar as that as being optional, why should they be a problem? I disagree that any romance short of a masterpiece should be absent... It's relative, particularly if you are of the opinion that all of the Bioware romances were rushed and immature. I don't share that view. It's a point where I respect any effort rather than no effort at all by pretending it isn't apart of a good fantasy setting.
  10. Why is precedent important though? And which games would you say had good romances? Personally I never found romances in games anything special: too short, too shallow, too easy to accomplish... pretty meaningless all in all. If I had to make a pick, I'd say Mass Effect had some pretty good romances. Especially in ME2 where you could continue your romance with your absent lover from ME1. I'm serious, because of the absence of your fiancée, that actually was the best romance ever done in a pc game for me... BG2. Dragon Age. KOTOR 1. (Mass Effect,as you pointed out) (No doubt there wil
  11. <sigh> Here we go again.... broadening the definition of romance so that any friendly/affectionate NPC interaction = Romance. You people have remarkably low thresholds. But there's good news about that. If this is your definition of romances then you can totally ignore what the devs have said about PoE. It WILL have "romances". in fact we saw "romance" dialogue in the game's prologue. Check it out: ^that's "romance", isn't it? I don't mean to be rude, quite the opposite, but you are grabbing at straws here: I've said that there is a precedent for romance within t
  12. .... From the rest of my post, I was referring to BG as a series, including the BG2 and Throne of Ball. Neverthless Neera the Wild Mage is in BG EE as well. Romances are staples of the best and most memorable RPGs of the genre. .... Never gets old. I wasn't planning on giving a second reply, but this is getting better andbetter. Forgive me, I Didn't realize when you said you are a veteran of BG, BGII, etc., you meant you were a "veteran" of Enchanced Editions. Or that by listing individual titles, you really meant the opposite - the whole series. Happy trolling someon
  13. Yes it did. Sharwyn for instance. In my opinion that was the worst romance ever in a game. Still it was better than nothing. It also had a brothel. I digress. Romance options have been in the best of the genre and have their place in my opinion, alongside a clear precedent. It should at least have remained an option. For those that feel uncomfortable, I'm sure they could spare a bit of their apparent wit to turn it off by letting the NPC know how they feel... then die alone in due course if that's their prerogative.
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