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  1. Regarding this... It turned out my firewall started auto-sandboxing the game after the update, which interfered with the keyboard controls. How stupid do I feel now? Well that is odd because I had the exact same keyboard commands issue after the installing and then trying to play, but tI went away once I had restarted the game (not the computer). Maybe your restart of the game did not work because the game was in the "sandbox," while mine was not.
  2. I only have POE with Steam running on Windows 10. No DLC except the free Deadfire one just issued. The only problem is the missing merchant in the Compass. No pink squares anywhere, not even after 3rd ****tail.
  3. I can't find the merchant either. I uninstalled the DLC by clicking on the option in the DLC tab under properties and restarting the game but the new profile pictures are still there. Not sure that uninstall actually works. Anyway I clicked the box to "reinstall" the DLC and started the game again. Still no sign of the merchant at Anslog's Compass. Where is he supposed to be? As for McQuirk's issues with the keyboard, I don't see how that survived an uninstall and reinstall unless there was something cached and saved. McQuirk try installing on a different computer or laptop and see i
  4. That's correct. I fixed the problem by exiting the game and the restarting it and the keyboard works fine again. This happened because to install the DLC Steam started the game up and then I tried to continue playing from there instead of exiting and restarting.
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