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  1. Wait - ran the update again - got wrong version message, but when starting Pillars up again, am running 1.04 (and shaking has stopped - YAY).
  2. Newest GOG patch fails to complete on install once again, and now my main character is "shaking" on the display - SIGH!
  3. I got a response from GOG on this. v1.0.3.0524 (that I am running) IS the most current version of the game, so don't need to patch it
  4. Installation does not complete on Yosemite 10.10.3 for me, just like previous patch - arg!!
  5. I are running the Champion Edition of POE that I purchased from GOG (pre-order). Currently running v1.0.3.0524 - downloaded 1.3 patch today to install. First attempt, it did not complete. Rebooted OS X and tried again - now I get this message "This Patch will not work with your game version" I am running Yosemite 10.0.3 Does anyone know what the problem is ? (solution would also be good LOL) Thanks
  6. Hey, SirBill. When my secondary monitor fullscreen problem started, I disconnected the monitor and ran the game on my laptop. It started up fine there, and then I went in and modified the graphics options and unticked the fullscreen option. That lets me play the game at least ! So, am running it on my laptop now (15" retina mbp). Looks amazing on the retina display. Now that I switched back to windowed mode, it runs on my external monitor (but in a window only) - going to keep running just on the laptop until this is fixed, but hopefully if you try this you will be able to run the game
  7. Same issue here as Stonehooves described above - black screen on second monitor. Amazing game so far though ) ....
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