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  1. So, I see that there are 27 pages of this thread and like 33 pages in 'part A.' I apologize if my questions are answered somewhere in there. That said, I'm a little befuddled at what the heck is going on in terms of the romances here. Xoiti seems like she's trying to jump anything with a pulse as if it's last call at a singles bar and I may have accidentally told her to go hook up with Maia. I thought it was a joking way to say "I don't know anything about you, maybe let's put off this conversation" but apparently it wasn't a joke. Then the game forces an interaction with Maia where the watcher needs to either tell her he's interested or reject her despite showing zero interest in having such a conversation. I found this pretty objectionable since it was literally the second time I had spoken to her after recruitment. Why couldn't this be a talk that could be had aboard ship or put off? Apart from the feeling that I have that someone got their idea of how romance works by reading letters to certain publications ("Dear PillarsHouse, I couldn't believe it but being the captain of a ship means all the crew immediately ask to be bunkmates if you know what I mean!") it's left me in a weird predicament where I may have rejected both companions when all I really wanted to do was have some idea what their characters are like before having to act on rather... unsubtle... propositions. I don't know if the coding on these interactions is figured out yet but am I 'locked out' of a romance subplot with Xoti if I told her something as simple as "well what about Maia?" to the point where that's it for her on this playthrough? Or is there a way to go back and say "oh, now that you're not a complete stranger, let's see where this goes?" (even if it's a console command to start the whole thing over)?
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