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  1. I loaded and go out of the way that bcame really hard where i said i had to go first after all others exteriors events i travelled but never loaded successfully, you have three possibilities: -hope a quest teleport you out of theses areas of crash -use command especially with iroll20 to allow cheat and tp you another places -try a beta version of the game with gog client... is this allowed ? -give me your savegame i can use to pass a area completly or temporally -wait another update and ask real developpers to get good news about your kind of bugs -pass a quest that not permit you to go
  2. I just got a new beta update of gigas among dozen of others lol, going to try the way out of north extrem ouest with the signal of amulet given to retrieve a quest way...
  3. Just to be really sure: OS seeing more than 4GB of RAM =/= program using more than 2GB of RAM It's 2 different tweaks. Yeah i already did the difference between two tweaks and that make any difference in total of used ram by this single application, sure about theses questions, they did no difference.
  4. edit: follow my thread please its most simple only one thread, just follow my last instructions about reload in this area, you must exactly follow a lot of conditions to be able to reenter )
  5. edit: i can go out after first load but after i need really to go in from the same way to reenter the area from the north of longwatch falls, but i need wait i don't know how much and why but that can works like that.
  6. I found a solution, a kinf of workround, try to update in beta 3.03..... for the moment, i can only load so enter but no reload a savegame made in this area, i should up away and try kill all exteriors i can maybe i ll try a load from interiors in this area, good luck, that worked :D
  7. I can use 12 go on 32 bits if i want, dont tell me more about memory on computers...i can understand for majority of poeple 32 bits allow less memory but its not mycase, anyway i got successfull loading of the battery of durgan, i updated to beta with steam and the password betapassword to allow beta updates, BUT I can load only the first time, i can't for the moment reload a savegame made in this area ((((
  8. hmhm that doesn't help sorry, my computer is ****ing good and works well with anything. I try continue maybe the story can be achieved by other ways, i try go through ice plains
  9. There is a news, i was playing around the village in the dlc1 and the game suddently crashed after leveling up...dont know if somebody need theeses files but folder is the same than earlier under the folder dated...
  10. i can provide savegame files, i crash during infinite loading, time is enough to say thats the end of the load by i can"t verify, the map is not shown, crash is not the same in the maneer windows handle it, but anyway dump are made... i tried entering from the woods and the village... SAVEGAME ADDED TO SHARED FOLDER.
  11. Hey explain why this game is no more supported on windows 32 bits for all the long adventure and not the next of the dlc that worked well for 3 hours of gameplay if the performance hit are not reached, i tell my memory is fine what else is not good you can see in my files, maybe i can affort you by providing savegame file in same earlier folder posted on my thread, please answer on it.
  12. Same problem posted 4 june on windows 32 bits with everything fine on this computer...until this load i ll tell you what i can find. Ok same problems no clue and the other ways by the village works but crash too
  13. Hello i need help to retrieve a solution and continue to play this fabulous game, your help is precious but my self its almost impossible to find what wrong in game , i explain, i am crashing at same area entrance, i can't see graphics due to crash happening at the end of the loading of duran drums area,i come from the woods with the wolfs. I crashed three times, the first nothing happened more, the second time i had a windows popup dialog to debug the application that crashed and the next time i got dump of debug with the game popup titeled oops!. So i really need a little help , i never
  14. I got theses errors and crashed due to the mod iemod, even in good last supported versions without any issues related earlier, i continue to believe its the case cause i deactivated this mod and no more problems with crash. Thank you .
  15. Hello i am back with bad news, as i said i check integrity of the game with steam that returned successfully but i canceled update to keep last version supported by the mod iemod , game 3.01.0977 instead of 3.02... I increased max application memory to 3200(3092) and the game had 1000 free this time ,no changes in this way too,I continue to crahs in sames areas and log are really bigger, all the lines you mentionned about corrupted data are here too... I really dont know what to do except wait again to update the game... Logs are below: full of is corrupted! Remove it and launch unity a
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