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  1. 1) Would it be possible to get an auto-save after the dialogue finishes at the start of major boss fights? At the same time as the initial auto-pause. I ended up fighting Concelhaut more times than I care to remember and it got annoying having to deal with the conversation every time. 2) Will we see the difference in the Vailian and Rauataian ships? From the conversation between Pallegina and Kana it sounds like the Vailians use something like the Portuguese great ships of the India/China/Japan trade, and the Rauataians use lighter and faster ships like the English race-built galleons or even xebecs and I was curious if that would actually be shown in the game.
  2. The one game mechanic I'd love to see is an auto-save after the conversation ends before big boss fights. Especially since I had to fight Concelhaut and the Alpine Dragon Way Too Many Times each, and having to go through the dialogue tree, even if you try to cut right to the chase, gets tedious after the 10th gd time. It auto-pauses at the start of a fight, and if it auto-saved as well at the major battles, that would be amazing.
  3. Yep, thanks. I saw that shortly after I posted, but #15 gives it as an example of things that "sway" the Eyeless, not that its a checklist. So I'm curious if you need to do all of those, or just a certain number of them to convince them to temper Abydon.
  4. I was wondering if anybody had managed to convince the Eyeless to temper Abydon instead of restoring him when they'd also bound the souls of the dwarves into the White Forge in WM1. I know that speaking against animancy is what you have to do to convince them, and that they essentially call you a hypocrite if you try to use examples against them that you've actually done, but I'm considering another playthrough to bind the dwarves just to see what happens and am curious if you essentially have to have a "perfect" record against animancy to sway the Eyeless, or if you can deviate a little and still convince them.
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