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  1. Does anyone not believe that 2+2=4 ? You dont need to believe in science. Science is just there. Even if you dont believe in gravity you still cant fly . You may have devices that can overcome it, but it's still a fundamental and provable truth. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's not how science works .. science never proves anything to be true, I can only prove something wrong .. If I one day fly on my own accord, science will have to incorporate that, and probably will .. Science is fluid, that's it's strenght, it has the ability to adapt, which has made it quite popular .. b
  2. If all Tibetan monks stopped praying for one day, I guarantee that the sun would still rise and set in the same manner as any other day.
  3. And the study in question didn't conclude that being religious precludes intelligence. What it does say, however, is that, overall, people who have strong religious beliefs are more likely than not to score lower than people who do not have strong religious beliefs. Doesn't it make sense that a less intelligent person is more likely to accept an idea based on faith as opposed to facts? "And the meek shall inherit the earth." Perhaps meek refers to intelligence rather than income.
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