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  1. Yes. I'm not even given the option to do so. Only Seoni's cards are highlighted as being available for a discard. There's been many threads but ... has there been any solutions appearing in them?
  2. I accidentally moved Seoni to the Throne Room (where the Villain was) instead of the last open Location, the Temple. So when it came to Ezren's turn to put the Villain down, I used Haste to move her to the Location I needed closed. I'm prompted to pick a card to discard (normal behavior for the temple) but when I do, the "proceed" blue arrow on the right is greyed out and unusable. If I shift to Ezren, the arrow is bright blue, but clicking it has no effect (since it's Seoni that has to discard, not him). It's impossible to do the Discard I have to do, and it's impossible to cancel the spe
  3. I took the 4 hours rune on Steam, and it didn't seem to work at all. But the first time a character took combat damage, it was reduced by 1, down to 0. Then it never did anything again.
  4. After trying for another half hour, I finally discovered that I could move the card by dragging it, but only if I held the button for a second before starting to move. It was something similar on the mobile version where the normal dragging wouldn't work, and you had to do a long tap first.
  5. I'm having the same issue as Hakinator. It's something that happened to me several times to me on the mobile version, using Mending and not being able to draw the card I want. I would be able to just barely select it, and it's highlighted as interactible, but there's no button to draw it and react to nothing. I can only draw a card by dragging it from the discard to my hand. Except that if the card I want is too much to the side, that's not an option, so I have to pick another one. In this case, I'm on the Steam version, and the only card I can draw is right on the edge of the screen.
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