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  1. I've talked with a few people and it seems very specific to the Ti cards and definitely the 1080 Ti. There are still many people on these forums and GOG forums with this issue which is a real shame as the game is terrific when it works, it's just marred the experience.
  2. Hi, The issues with Nvidia post was made in June of last year. Is Nvidia going to provide support for this product? I still have issues with a 1080 Ti even after the Special K patch. The issues are: 1. Alt-tabbing from Windowed mode, it often takes 1-2 minutes to alt-tab back into the game and often I can see the screen working behind other windows but it doesn't respond to mouse clicks and doesn't come to the front. 2. Choppy framerate issues. Even after following the recommended guide. 3. Huge load times even with SSD + 32Gb + i7-8700K I loved Pillars 1 but am really struggling to enjoy this game because of the technical issues. Is there still hope for seeing solutions for the high end Nvidia cards?
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