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  1. Hmmmm I would have to say my fondest moment came while DMing a small group in the city of Westgate in the FR's. There was a Halfling Rogue/Warrior 3/2, a human Warrior/Bard 3/2 and an Elven Ranger 5. It all started when they were hired to be guards for a caravan going to Westgate and it was attacked by a group of thugs and assassins along the way. The assassins were of course after the merchant that hired them but during a valiant effort on the PC's part he was killed. The merchants wife dealing with great remorse and anger then threw the PC's a bag of gold and are promised much more if they would hunt down and take revenge on the people responsible. Upon arriving in Westgate the party manages to find a few shady folk and proceed to lay down some bribes and in turn they receive a tip leading them to a tavern of ill repute where they may find a greater store of info. So they shuffle off to this bar and after a few thinly disguised (and rather loud I might add) inquiries, chairs slide out and a small gang is upon the PC's. Now this fight is by no means a tough one for them as it is basically half a dozen lvl 2's and a lvl 3 to contend with and after the first round it was looking as you would guess with 3 of the thugs already down and a minor wound or two to the PC's. Then the bottom fell out...the dreaded "1 roll" and not just one of the PC's was swept up by this unfortunate event, ALL THREE OF THEM ROLLED A 1! Now I gotta tell ya's that at this point i'm having trouble breathing behind my very thinly protected DM screen because of the laughter overcoming me and the dice being flung at me. Suffice it to say when i finally get my senses back (and the players running out of dice to throw of course ) and finish up the fight all 3 PC's wake up in a dark damp alley beat up, half naked and completely purged of all pridefull thoughts. That was by far the most i ever laughed in a session over one single happening and to this day it is still referred to simply as "D-Day" Thanks Finny
  2. Well after 20+ years of playing this game seeing the ranger go through many variations being the most changed class period, this is my take.... *d8 HD is fine (used to get 2d8 at first level, that could be an option) *Favoured Enemy is set properly for how it improves (+1 damage/5 levels) but IMO they should get to chose a favoured enemy every 3 levels. *I love the favoured terrain idea mentioned, limit it to one choosing out of the basic enviorments (Forest, desert, urban, swamp, mountain, artic, grassland/plains and aquatic). Make it follow the same progression as the favoured enemy granting the bonus to AB, skills and saves. *I have never been a fan of hide in plain sight for any class other than the SD(a prestiege class in any event) so IMO it goes. *Grant a limited d6 sneak attack starting at level 4 and improving every 4 levels there after. *Wouldn't change their spells at all, they are the most limited spell casters for a reason and the spells they have are for minor aid only. *I like what was done in the 3.5 as far as their weapon style choices. That's my take, enjoy heh Thanks Finny
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