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  1. To everyone at Obsidian entertainment who worked on KOTOR2 TSL: I would just like to say that I had some reservations about purchasing KoTOR2 after hearing so many disappointed fans complaining on the boards. However, I recently finished the game for the first time and I have to say that I enjoyed it. I realize that quite a bit of the game had to be cut in order to meet some seemingly unreasonable time constraints but it was still playable and coherent and yes, enjoyable . That is an impressive feat if the boards are to be believed and the game was rushed a full year ahead of schedule. I am impressed with both the engaging subtlety of the story and the playability of the game itself. So I just wanted to say, great job guys! I also wanted to say to all those that have been complaining (and yes, even I complained once hehe): I am sure that the team working on KoTOR2 was far more disappointed about the final product then any of us. It is not easy to have high expectations and vaunted plans destroyed by something as petty as a rushed deadline. It is obvious that they intended the game to be much more then it is but only they know how much more. Only they know how great it might have been. Even given all that, it is a good game and they deserve credit for that. Kilkanon
  2. What I am going to say has probably been addressed before but I really don't have the inclination to sort through all the threads. I have not finished TSL yet but I am enjoying it so far. However my enjoyment has been marred by an annoying and confusing issue - that of the Influence system. It seems that in TSL there was an attempt at making party influence more visible than it was in KOTOR1. Sounds great, but what I have found is that instead of influencing others, their influence is being forced on me. Pretty much everyone you meet already has a certain bend in one direction or another which is the way it should be but the problem comes in when that bend doesn't change in their speech and attitudes no matter how your character is aligned. I noticed this most prominently with Visas. I had LS Mastery when I first met her; she was obviously a DS Jedi. After one conversation with her she was literally one point below LS mastery herself. I thought this odd to say the least and decided to take her around Onderon to see what she was like. Everything she said during that time was strongly DS and anytime I disagreed with her I lost influence with her, even though I had supposedly influenced her almost to LS mastery. So basically the only way to gain influence with Visas is to be influenced by her. I would suspect this is the same with other characters as well. This makes no sense and seems to go against the whole idea of the Influence system in the first place. If I, as leader of the group am supposed to have the power to influence the way the other members of the group think then I shouldn't have to bow to their thinking on matters in order to gain influence points with them. I will stop ranting about this now but I just wanted to say that it is too bad that this portion of the game - arguably the most enjoyable - is a big disappointment because enough time was not spent on it. Kilkanon
  3. Ok... well, I suppose that would be fine if she didn't continue to act like a DS Jedi. While doing Onderon she suggests that a well placed grenade would clear out the undesireable patrons as well as the soldiers; if I forbid it I lose influence with her. When the two aliens are discussing Vaklu and Talia, I again lose influence with her if I side with Talia. So... she acts like a DS Jedi and wants me to make DS choices but on her charcter screen she registers as being literally *one* point below LS mastery!! It just doesn't make any sense. If this is the way it was meant to be, well... someone wasn't paying attention. This is just confusing. Kilkanon
  4. That's no bug.... Visas can be turned 'light' in a single long conversation..... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ok... well I suppose that would be fine *if* she didn't continue to act like a DS Jedi after that. In the Cantina on Onderon she tells me that a well placed grenade would get rid of the undesireables as well as the soldiers, if I forbid it I lose influence with her. When the two aliens are having the discussion about Vaklu and Talia, I lose influence again when I side with Talia. So I just can't figure it out. She says things that a DS Jedi would say, she wants me to make DS choices and I lose influence with her when I don't but on her character screen she is literally *one* point below LS mastery! If this is the way it is *supposed* to be then... someone wasn't thinking clearly, this is just confusing. Kilkanon
  5. Well, I am not yet totally clear on how the whole influence system works but I will say that I doubt I could dig Visas out of the pit of darkness and elevate her to the pinnacle of light immediately after I meet her and have one (albeit long) conversation with her. She registers as strong lightside *immediately* after I meet her. Even more confusing though - when I do things that get me more LS points and should favorably influence any LS party members, I *lose* influence with her. It just doesn't make any sense. I don't even know how to spec her now because I am not sure if she will get a DS or LS penalty on her force powers... Any help would be appreciated. Kilkanon
  6. First I will say, what a great game!! I am thoroughly enjoying it. So far I have experienced only minor discrepencies and glitches, nothing serious. I have run into one confusing thing that I believe to be a bug or at least a mistake. Visas (or however you spell that name) has all the earmarks of a Dark Jedi but she registers on the stat screen as being one point below LS mastery! This really confused me in the beginning until I just figured it had to be a bug/mistake since she certainly doesn't *act* like an LS Jedi. Anyway that is pretty much it. Kilkanon
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