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  1. Well, the hard drive is plenty big enough (200+ gig) but that they *don't* care that they've released something that doesn't work? Maybe it's the sort of thing lost in this day and age, but a fella used to be bound by honor to tell his friends and neighbors about what DOESN'T work, before letting them go and waste their own money on it and finding out for themselves.
  2. Despite my earlier remarks on the "The patch will never come out!" thread, I won't cast blame on any company responsible for this. Just wanted it to be let known that there SHOULD be some responsibility taken for this though. A customer shouldn't be asked to pay fifty bucks on the good faith that a solid piece of gaming software will be reliable... when the truth of the matter is it's the shakiest game ever to sit on my PC. I enjoyed KotOR tremendously. I want to enjoy KotOR II even moreso. There is SERIOUS potential here for a kick-butt game... IF whoever behind the scenes is responsible for this sort of thing would be so kind as to FIX. THE. CODE. So as of this morning, KotOR II is uninstalled from my computer, and won't come anywhere near it until a patch is released that I'm convinced will make this game something that it currently isn't at all... ...namely, "actually playable".
  3. If this was the "real world", Obsidian would be looking at multi-million dollar fines for failing to deliver a competent product and failure to provide needed tech support (i.e. patches), if they were dealing with the federal government instead of ordinary folks that just want to enjoy a computer game. This is the stuff that acts of criminal negligence are made of. I've been stuck at a place in the game and didn't realize I was stuck until I'd already devoted 20-some hours to things that came after, and now I can't go back and fix it unless I revert to the save and go through it ALL OVER AGAIN Obsidian, TheForce.net just did a scathing editorial about this, and it's already been torn to pieces on the big game sites. You are LOSING this in every way: business, ethics, personal relationships with your customers, by not addressing this in a timely fashion... or even giving your customers - you know, the people who BOUGHT your game in full faith that YOU would stand by it and not abandon them - some reliable word to go on. This is the kind of thing that sinks companies. It's happened before and it'll happen again. The only question now is: does Obsidian want to be one of those companies?
  4. Maybe "Sion" is shortened from "lesion", meaning extreme scars and welts on the skin (would fit ) Or maybe LucasArts and Obsidian is sending a secret message to the Prieure de Sion that the time is ripe for the Plantard/St. Claire family to claim the throne over all Europe as the rightful descendants of Jesus Christ through his marriage to Mary Magdalene. Yes friends and neighbors, the Merovingians are back and George Lucas is their herald!! (Wondering how many people who never read "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" will get that )
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