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  1. Thanks for the reply. Update: Was able to enter the ship after visiting Edgewater and talking to Reed. I do have an older save from when it was happening, but I have tried loading it and running around and hopping back in the ship, and it isn't happening now. Go figure! Happy to upload the save anyway if you think it will help at all
  2. I managed to enter the ship the first time and pick up the quest. While exploring the areas around the ship, if I try re-enter (have tried 3 times now), I get a CTD. No error message. I haven't yet been to the town, so will do that and hope I can return to the ship with quest progression. Win 10 Home Ryzen 3900x EVGA 1080 FTW
  3. Have been having this bug also since launch, incredibly annoying. Windows 7 Pro, Fullscreen, English Language. Loaded the beta patch and last playthrough was click-bug free. Maybe coincidence, hopefully not!
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