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  1. Just ran into this error twice, caused combat to never end/glitched character. I'm not 100% sure this is the cause, but it seems likely. Entered combat, using sword/shield. It was not effective (fighting shades/specters). Switched to secondary weapon set - character glitched... animation/sound was stuck on character (he was wobbling in place)- could not make him move or do anything. Reloaded previous save, fought again, switched sets in combat - same thing happened. Reloaded again, this time I remembered to switch weapon sets before starting combat, fight completed free of glitc
  2. Looking forward to a fix for this. I am also having this issue.
  3. ... and i went back to a saved game that was 20 minutes older; rushed through everything and back to where i was, and this time I can still open crates. So, it isn't specifically going into the Temple in Gilded Vale for the first time that was the cause; that part was a coincidence.
  4. Same issue, Windows 7. Started happening when I went into the Temple in Guilded Vale. But, even when I leave the temple I can't open boxes. Get no dialogue window for containers (tried a container in another house, that still had things in it). May try and reload a previous game from before going into the Temple to see if that's it; could just be a coincidence and that's the last thing i did.
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