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  1. I have to agree that I'd prefer the final boss fight not to be skippable "by accident", and I'm kinda glad the bug existed when I first beat the game. From what I see in videos on youtube or twitch, too, the reaction to Scyrioelaphas fighting the Guardian in your stead is less of an "awesome, I found a way to get around fighting the final boss" and more of a confused and slightly disappointed "wait, this game doesn't even have a final boss?". I think the reason for this is that you make the decision to free Scyrioelaphas many hours before the game ends, it's a "good guy" decision so most players will choose it, and it's not immediately connected to the idea of getting around the final boss battle. Player aren't aware that not having a final boss battle is a direct result of their choice, and it feels anticlimactic. In my opinion, a better way to have freeing Scyrioelaphas matter would be to have the Guardian start the final battle wounded in that scenario.
  2. Makes sense for the "scale both ways" option. But I think for the "only scale up" option, it would be nice to be able to display them anyway. Upscaled encounters wouldn't have skulls, which should make sense because they hopefully shouldn't overshoot you too far, and you could still avoid encounters that are way above your level.
  3. I just tried that, it didn't work either. To me, it feel like the problem might be that when the AI casts a Chill Fog, it targets an NPC, whereas if I cast it, I target an area on the ground. Retargeting a Fetid Caress, which works the same for me and the AI, is no problem.
  4. I can't seem to retarget spells like Chill Fog that a member of my party has started casting under AI control. The targeting reticule just snaps back to the target NPC. Which is kind of a bummer because they tend to hit half my party as well. Is this intentional?
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