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  1. Perhaps there is a way to appeal to this game studio, if you have something really substantial on your hands. You may have to think past the boundaries of your country and take it to an international level. Contacts are made very easily, we are, in fact, already in contact Let your idea and enthusiasm speak for you and maybe you'll find support in unexpected places. I like Wasteland 2's vision document and gives a lot of pointers what to think about when defining a concept for a game. I can also recommend a program called Scrivener for writing purposes, keeps everything very orderly.
  2. Hello ^^ Very ambitious of you Qistina! If you are willing to put it to work yourself, perhaps it is better to start smaller. I am not a particularly good modder, but I enjoy spending time in editors and opening up files to see what is what. It might be a good idea to determine the code you'd like to use/learn. Also, to find people whom are just as interested and passionate about making a game, an artist and a programmer. Internet is a very good place to find these people. Perhaps invest some time into modding the very games you've mentioned, you might gain a global grasp of their s
  3. I agree with a lot of things the OP has pointed out. This may or may not be related to the current topic, but there are a couple of mods I install every time I feel like playing Skyrim again, as I cannot do without anymore. Maybe there's something of interest to you? Skyrim RedoneBasically overhauls the entire skill/perk system, offering more depth and the feeling of actual expansion and character improvement. It's a huge mod altogether, but conveniently seperated in modules, giving you the ability to choose what you'd like to see changed. Interesting NPCsOffers a more interestin
  4. I'm afraid it is nothing like the first game. It is better to view it as a stand-alone, bearing ties to the previous games in terms of lore. Personally, I did not really enjoy the changes they've made at first, but it is not a very bad game. Character development works very different. No longer you are able to create a character freely; there is no character creation screen, but you are given a set of characters (four to be precise) with their own personality and their own class. They do have a background story and react uniquely on certain events, but they are all bound to their o
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