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  1. I love that in a game. I for one loved Thief III, even though many of the Thief fans complained about the changes and duming down of the game. I missed many of the toys from the earlier games, but Thief III was still a good game.

    That's the problem with Thief 3&KotOR 2, they are JUST good games and everyone expected excellence.

    I have a habit of searching mods&content for all the games I like and it's amazing what they can become, Morrowind and many other games get a second life.

  2. how about Landscape Torment? it could be about a landscape architect with amnesia who awakens to find he's stuck in a property development with terrible landscaping. slowly, piece by piece, he must assemble the clues that lead him to the discovery that he's the one responsible.


    sounds cool, huh?


    Planescape: Demency ? Sure it would be cool, piece by piece ...

  3. There might then be a renaissance of innovative gaming coming from small up-start companies who will soon be able to self-publish on the internet.

    Steam ? Almost everyone hates it although I think it's a good thing for developers, they should get the money for their games.

  4. I still wouldn't touch an ATI card, even if it was given to me for free.  I would sell it and get an NVidia card.  Never had problems with a NVidia card with any of the games I have played.

    And I wouldn't buy a nvidia card, X800 Pro@X800 XT beats GeForce 6800 GT and 6800 Ultra with their fancy Shader Model 3. ATI has monthly driver updates to fix problems quickly (nvidia updates every 6 months) and a much better support all around than nvidia; the fastest PC at CeBIT has a X850 XT PE. Don't listen to Hades and don't buy nvidia graphics cards or you'll get yourself in trouble. There are no problems with Catalyst 5.3, if there's a problem with a game it most likely is the game's fault, you can always report it to ATI or post it on http://www.driverheaven.net/forum.php and someone (even from ATI) will help you.

  5. You can't really compare x-box ram to pc-ram, the x-box requires much less ram the the pc. :thumbsup:


    So 256 MB for the Xbox 2 is as good as 1536-2048 MB for the PC ? I'm talking about 2008-2009 games. Will you be able to patch all the future Xbox 2 games or you'll just have to deal with the problems because it's a known limitation.

    It's a fact that the consoles are designed for regular people who don't want to bother with the advantage the PC offers, they just want to play a little and relax.

    About PS3 and Cell:


  6. I've just finished reading Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny and I can say that the books 1-5 are (at a literary level) like KotOR 1 and books 6-10 are like KotOR 2; I can't recommend the last 5 books, they are good but they don't have the greatness of the first 5 and the ending is something like KotOR 2's showdown: our hero has to fight with the people who guided and supported him from the beginning and after the battle is over he walks away to his "castle" and that's it, we don't know what happened to the other characters he traveled with we can only imagine. As I suspected, Zelazny wanted to continue the story but Death (LucasArts for ktoor2) had other plans.

    The story is somewhat reminiscent of Planescape: Torment (one phrase from the first 5 books: "There is a place where the shadows go mad"; no, the shadows aren't alive here and I don't know if these books were an inspiration for Chris) because almost all the main characters can travel from universe to universe by changing the world around them or by using magical items.





    Other recommended books:




  7. Never had problems with Radeon 9800 Pro, it's the game that has problems. nVidia's drivers, performance and image qulity is worse and UT2004 which is "meant to be played" on nvidia runs faster on ATI and not only that, it has a higher image quality that with a nvidia card and the same settings. Don't say ATI is bad unless you've tried it, they actually have a better support for games than nvidia crds with their poorly optimized shader model 3. Games are tested with all major cards, nvidia isn't the only choice. "the way it's meant to be played" means nothing just like the 3dmark05/03 score. ATI is now better than nvidia, I see no reason to buy a nvidia card instead of a R520 card, maybe the next generation nvidia cards will be different.

  8. ATI is not a popular brand and because of that I play strictly NVidia.

    You're right about that, I'm surprised that ATI is still in the business with nVidia selling 5-6% more video chips, these canadians shouldn't work with Microsoft and Nintendo for the next gen consoles just like SiS shouldn't provide quality chipsets for Intel because they are not as popular as VIA. Why isn't 6800 Ultra SLI much better than X850 XT PE ?

  9. Lacus Skcus - 19-24


    Chris said something a while ago:


    "There are a few things we wanted to put in Torment that we decided not to do. Personally, I really wanted to dig deep into Fall-From-Grace's psychology and bring out the problems of a inherently sexual creature trying to find new ways of achieving intimacy outside of a purely sexual context, but discussing some of the contrasts between physical and psychological intimacy were pretty risky, so they were dropped ..."



    I would have loved this but mature ideas limit your product's target market and that's not good if the game isn't guranteed to be a success (in sales) which can't be said about KotOR 2.

  10. Price:

    10$ for KOTOR 2 owners

    50$ for KOTOR 1 owners

    0$ for KOTOR 1&2 owners

    60$ for everone else

    KOTOR Gold is a special edition package with both games patched, enhanced cutscenes, missing&extra content for KOTOR 2, complete KOTOR 1 with everything Bioware released, soundtracks CD, 5$ discount for KOTOR 3.

    It could be profitable if most of the people who bought KOTOR 1 or 2 would buy the Gold version and many of the people who will want to buy KOTOR 3 and never bought KOTOR 1 or 2 will buy KOTOR Gold first.

    What happens if someone buys KOTOR 3 before KOTOR Gold ?

    The discount for KOTOR 3 is subtracted from the prices listed above meaning that you have to pay less for KOTOR Gold if you can provide evidence that you bought KOTOR 3.

    If you can provide evidence that you bought both KOTOR 1&2 then you get the KOTOR 3 discount (when you buy KOTOR 3) included in the KOTOR Gold package since KOTOR Gold=KOTOR 1&2, you can exchange KOTOR 1&2 for KOTOR Gold later.

    LucasArts and Obsidian can't be that good, it will never happen.

  11. Many people didn't understand, you would return KOTOR 2 and buy KOTOR 2 Gold for 10$ at most, this happened with Thief Gold, it could happen with KOTOR 2, you don't have to buy the whole game all over again. I don't see how they would admit that they rush games for money, it would only be a bonus, a thank you to everyone who bought the game.

    This is the only way for the Xbox gamers to get that content, they can't patch the game, they can't use mods. I'm a PC gamer but we have to think of everyone who bought this game. I think 60$ would be a good price (you'll pay 10$ if you bought the game) for KOTOR 2 Gold (with KOTOR 1 enhanced included), but they have to add more than just the missing content, they have to complete the game this time.

  12. They could do something like Thief Gold>Thief: The Dark Project, add all the missing content, patch the game, add extra stuff and ship the improved game; they could offer a big discount if you choose to change your current game for the improved gold version. Thief: The Dark Project wasn't as successful as KOTOR 2 but that was Looking Glass and this is Obsidian (not even Black Isle); I don't know if I'll buy NWN2, if someone will say there's one single problem with it I'll be satisfied with Oblivion and Bioshock, also LucasArts and Microsoft can keep their happy happy paying customers, I'm no longer one of them.

    If Obsidian would really care about KOTOR 2 they would convince LucasArts that a gold version is profitable.

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