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  1. I think it will be possible to download demos and patches on Xbox 360.

    I really want a console to replace this stupid PC.


    the only thing I might purchase is a vid card

    Get the soon to be released ATI X900 (the cheapest version) with 16 pipelines and Shader Model 3, buy Splinter Cell 3.


    I've not got a game that can't play on full graphis settings with that card, apart from EQ2, which my understanding is that no comp can play that game on full settings yet

    There are very powerful PCs but EQ2 is one of the most poorly optimized games ever made.

  2. I dont know of any rule that says console games receive a higher score

    Console games receive a higher score because not much is expected from them, don't compare a PC to a console game. A PC game rated 8/10 can be better than a console game rated 9/10. San Andreas for PS2 has 9.5, the PC version would be 8.5-8.6.



    I find the "Best game of all time" is a Console game

    Those games are nominated by console fans and they admit it.



    What I need from a console:

    possibility to add more RAM

    mouse and keyboard support

    downloadable demos

    free patches, custom official content

    possibility to buy and download games a la Steam

    fan made content, I mean real fan made content not just characters and cars - probably never gonna happen

    EAX 5 sound card with digital out, 7.1 analog out and headphones jack


    easy to develop for - not X360/PS3

    DVI out connector and DVI to VGA adaptor

    online multiplayer without having to pay unless it's a MMORPG

    very good games including FPS, RTS and games that are best suited for PC (Silent Hunter III)


    When a console will have all that I'll buy it.

  3. http://archive.gamespy.com/articles/septem...3/25underrated/

    Darwinia should be in the above article because it's an under-appreciated classic. If you're a gamer or a developer you have to buy this game, if you're a casual gamer buy it only if you can find it @ 30$. The devs announced that free extra content and an expansion will be available in the future, the community is developing mods to extend it.





  4. I dunno why people say the combat in PS:T was awful... It's not that different from BG1 and 2. I find it much better actually, and the spells are amazing, especially the higher level ones.


    Actually this brings me to another question: Those levels 9 spells, like the symbol of torment and celestial host, do they exist in the planescape campaign or were they created for the game? Were the developers free to create new spells, lore, background info on the planescape multiverse?


    You get the rune of torment after you use the yellow :( sphere I think and the celestial host after you redeem (or was it kill) Trias; it's best to have Annah steal the celestial fire from Trias before talking to him. I can't see Torment lower than 9.4/10 all faults considered, it could have been 9.7-9.8 if released a year later.

  5. I got an answer a long time ago, something like "appropriate department is looking into this", whatever that means.

    Both PS3 and Xbox 2 games will be hard to program due to their awful :( but powerful architecture; these consoles will be so promoted that many people will buy them for the fact that they're the next generation and sadly the devs will be forced to develop games for them because most of the times the PC sales aren't enough (I'm not talking about HL2 and The Sims 2 here).

  6. I just hope it has hammerites and a good story, that's what I need.

    Thief 1 is my favorite game even if Torment is better.

    If you have Thief Gold you should know there's a high resolution textures pack available: http://darkfate.iskratelecom.ru:81/FILEARC...ualPatchV09.exe ; there are other models and texture patches available at thief-thecircle.com , in the dark.cfg add:



    If you have a good PC and the Thief games run too fast enable vsync while you play them.

    I think Thief 3 will have good fan missions like these; there are hundreds of people working with the new Editor, some of them don't even want to say a word until their mission(s) is/are good and finished :(

  7. both parties were goaded to lunge at each others throats


    It never seemed that way to me, it was more like TNO taking advantage of the situation and manipulating a creature to serve him.

    Are you talking about the bronze sphere - nature of a man thing ? I thought its only purpose was to find the big name (you know like in the movies where the detectives say "I need a name"), get your memories (the exp.) and a weapon.

  8. (which of course goes along with the delight of most RPG players of playing it evil.... which i never quite understood... -not that i don't enjoy the occasional evil run in a good RPG :rolleyes: )


    It was nice to play evil after doing all those good things the first time, but after that I realized it's not as satisfying, it's the only game where I feel like I have to play good (I usually want to be evil) and from what I remember there are 2 tears which give +1 Con only for lawful good characters and there's Vhailor with +3 Str for very lawful players. In the end it's a pleasure to be equipped with all those items and tattoos (they are useful for a 40+ level mage) obtained by doing good things and some which can be used only by lawful good characters. The game is best played by a very lawful good (there are very few times when you have to be -1 good +1 evil or -1 law +1 chaos to get important bonuses) mage with both speciaizations.

  9. You also need to remember that you need a beefy CPU to take advantage of the newer cards. Say around at LEAST a Athlon XP 3200+ (2.2Ghz). An Athlon64 Socket 939 is the best way for gamers to go.


    Athlon 64 3200+ socket 939 is clocked at 2000 MHz and has dual channel support; on socket 754, Athlon 64 3200+ has 2200 MHz for the 512 KB cache version and 2000 MHz for the 1 MB cache version but it doesn't have dual channel, AMD will produce CPUs only for socket 939 in the future (Athlon FX-55 is only for socket 939; the best socket 754 CPU is Athlon 64 3700+) and socket 1207 next year. The best now would be an Athlon 64 3500+ socket 939 (2200 MHz) which can be overclocked to 3 GHz. I don't know anthing about Intel CPUs and I don't care, let Dell buy them. Waiting for Athlon FX-57 and FX-59 for socket 939 ...

  10. Obsidian+Bethesda=Fallout 3

    Obsidian+Irrational=System Shock 3

    Obsidian+Fun.com=Planescape 2

    Developers will never team up for great games, they have their own projects to worry about.

    I wonder if it was an accident that DOTT, Grim Fandango and Full Throttle were good games. Should I get Psychonauts ?

    Chris Avellone didn't write the Torment dialogue all by himself, he had professional help from very knowledgeable people that aren't at Obsidian but could be hired. Tim Schafer forgets that it's not his game it's the team's game; "it makes the world real" - I wonder how real is the world in Psychonauts ... This guy is funny, how the hell did he get in the industry "by accident" because it was great need of him ? :devil:

    Ken Levine wants to send a message to all the developers out there: I hate games with unskipable cutscenes, shame on you all who do these things, I want to make my own cutscenes when I play the game.

    #1: Chris from Avalon

    #2: Ragnar Tornquist

    #3: Ken Levine

    #4: those people who say that "they write the story" not "we write the story, we design games" it's like the games wouldn't exist without them


    Tim hates all those bad stories everywhere, Chris wants to beat some sense into Tim, Ragnar likes DoTT, Ken doesn't like Hideo's cutscenes and games and Hideo is all about games for the masses if you have to throw a story there to make the game more appealing and engaging then so be it.

  11. 6600 GT is at least as fast as 9800 XT at 500/1000 and the one from Leadtek is overclocked by default(550/1120). I'm reading a magazine where it's faster than Leadtek's 6800 in Far Cry, HL2, Doom 3 (all in 1280*1024, 1600*1200, 1024*768 4xAA 8xAF, 1280*1024 4xAA 8xAF), 3dmark05 default, aquamark 3 default. The 6800 is almost as fast as 6600 GT overclocked. For nvidia cards Leadtek is always the best choice.

  12. I played BG1&2 tosc+tob and I didn't find the story that good, I just don't see how was story-telling amazing, was it the voice that keeps telling you what happens ?

    Try to write the story of BG1&2 using short sentences and try to sumarize the story for PS:T, imo BG's story is child's play compared to Torment. I agree that the BG games are more appealing than PS:T because as I said Bioware makes good RPGs for the masses and PS:T is for people who understand it and want to understand it, it's for people who don't want battle after battle to make you feel important. I always considered the events from BG a little too rigid, for example I could have killed Ironicus in Spellhold because the devs left protection from magic scrolls in the game and that makes me invincible in this fight but wait a second, after I hit Ironicus with 1 HP over and over again he doesn't die (as stupid as that might seem) because the story has to go on, he says "damn you all" (I was the only one left alive) and gates out; I actually killed the mad wizards who were "helping" me (I even played solo) because the devs forced me to release them in order to fight Ironicus; if I go there without help and I'm protected from magic Ironicus says that I should have fled when I had the chance and tries to kill me over and over again. If I get help from the mad wizards and kill them because I don't want their help (where did Bioware get that idea ?) and I'm of course protected from magic, I can laugh at Iron because all his spells are useless, in the end he tries to hit me with his fists :D. There are too many forced events in the BG games, places and situations where you die without any reason (for example the wall trap in Spellhold), the devs are forcing you to do what they want and I say this because I've played the BG games 6 times and I think they are good games (close to 9/10), maybe the first BG gets more credit because there weren't many RPGs like that in 1998 but I wouldn't call it one of the greatest 10 games even made, when I played Torment I thought "BG is weak" and "why aren't there more great games like this ?" but then it hit me: because they don't appeal to the masses like Diablo and BG, Torment kind of games are for a select category of people and again RPGs don't appeal to many gamers like FPS and RTS games.

    P.S. Watch Memento and see if's an accessible movie for everyone like Titanic.

  13. Planescape 2 would need promotion to be a mega hit, you have to get to the people who would be interested in such a game, the demo would have to give them an idea of what it's about. Without serious promotion only ~400.000 copies would be sold imo and that's not enough. I think Planescape 2 and Starcraft 2 will be made in the future, probably when technology will be more advanced; with every year the gaming industry evolves and if these games will be developed later they will take advatage of better hardware and more advanced technology.

  14. All I am saying is the data availiable I am aware of is the first game sales wise. And its sadly not good.


    Sadly :( the first game sold well although it wasn't a blockbuster. Torment was a moderate success and it wasn't as known then as it is now. On most gaming forums, if you'll ask the gamers what are the best RPGs, Torment and Fallout will be in the top 5. Ask yourself if Torment would have been a top choice in 1999-2000; over the years it gained popularity and the fans are dedicated, they won't forget how good the first game was, if Planescape 2 would be at least as good as Torment they will buy it. Maybe a company should do a market research for likely buyers but the fans don't want Planescape 2 to be another good RPG a la Bioware, something that has nothing extraordinary and if you ask me Bioware makes good (not outstanding, superior, ...) RPGs for the masses. Planescape fans want great ideas, depth, substance, larger than life stories, superior gameplay, ... not the usual good RPGs. It would be worse if Planescape 2 would be made and it would be another NWN or BG. I have high hopes for NWN2, may it be complete and polished.

  15. Yeah, I think the community has about modded Thief 3 so it looks more or less exactly like Thief 1 and 2 (I mean the UI and stuff). And that's without having ANY sdk's.

    edit: Oh! I forgot mentioning Deus Ex 1, didn't I? I actually played Deus Ex 1 just last year and I almost had an orgasm because of the sexy interface. I just loved that game to death. And I love hacking in that game... I think that's one of the things I loved most with Vampire: Bloodlines, it used almost the same method of handling hacking as Deus Ex 1 did.


    Still, after all those tweaks it's not as good as Thief 1&2, blame it on Xbox.

    There are mods for Deus Ex 1 (check gamespot) and one of them is made by PC Gamer UK.

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