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  1. I've thought about making a fan expansion based on deadfire. New Country player options, a new dungeon deck. Potentially add stuff to the city deck, but not sure how best to do that.
  2. To add to my previous post, here's an example of software that incorporates the OGL and has a EULA. http://www.dundjinni.com/eula.htm And then there's also Knights of the Chalice, a game based on the OGL: http://www.heroicfantasygames.com/KOTC_Introduction.htm So the precedent is clearly there.
  3. I just read through the OGL. There's nothing that bans making a game. There's also nothing that bans EULA's. The EULA just cannot put any restrictions on the Open Game Content. The issue could be skirted by simply putting "Excluding Open Game Content" or something of that sort in the EULA. Then all they would have to do is provide a copy of the SRD and any other Pathfinder rules they with the game files.
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