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  1. ..hehe. I did that. I really liked Atton personally. I guess one of the first things he had to say really put him on my good side. "Look, not like your half-naked interrogation isn't a personal fantasy of mine, but..." Granted, I LOVED the fact he was ready to pick a fight with Disciple too! :D
  2. That... that was great. To those who contributed to making that little "film," you rock. ^_^ And gah, Bao-Dur's voice. *melt* :">
  3. ...I would have followed Mira's advice too, but I could never find a bothan stunner or stun cuffs in game.
  4. Now somewhere on this forum (I cannot find the exact post again! ) there was mention of a mod for the original Knights of the Old Republic game that reintroduced a dark side ending option for female characters that had the romance with Carth. I don't want to spoil anything about the storyline for people who don't already know, but could anyone tell me where to find the mod for that particular ending, where... Because I've been dying to see that ending. I know this is kind of off-topic, I just wasn't sure where else to post it since it kind of does tie in with the whole storyline (and my, would that ending have changed a lot of what happened in KOTOR2 ). Any information at all about where to find that mod for KOTOR would be greatly appreciated! ...Guess I'm just a sucker for tragic romance. =p ~ D.
  5. Between a female player character and Mira. Player: I was hoping we could talk. Mira: Talk? About what? Player: Do you understand men? Mira: Sure, they're easy. Mira: That's why I dress like this. When they're looking down to check you out, you can usually smash them on the base of the skull or deliver an uppercut that knocks them flat. Player: You make it sound... easy. Mira: It's simple - when you want a man, you jab him with a Bothan Stunner, then while he's screaming in pain, slap some stun cuffs on him. Mira: Then starve him for two or three days until he becomes open to suggestion, then double-check his bounty and see if he's worth anything. Player: That sounds more like hunting. Mira: Call it what you want. Me, I love my targets. Of course, sadly, I never did find a Bothan Stunner or any stun cuffs. ~ D.
  6. As far the romance options go... I loved the romance in the first KotOR with Carth. I was very disappointed to find that the romance ending for a dark side Revan had been cut. I adored Valen in NWN: Hordes of the Underdark. I guess maybe I'm just a sucker for half-demon types, but lords, he was hot and he certainly wasn't a "good guy" either. At least, you had some interesting dialog options with him. As for Disciple... Yuck! I was ready to die when I found out he had an interest in my character. I wanted to go abandon him on some planet along the outer rim and be rid of him. Bao-Dur just makes you melt at one point where in the dialog, he asks you with that sexy, sexy voice of his, "Was there something you wanted me for?" ...Haha, I can just imagine the replies to that line judging from what I've heard here. =p And I have to admit, I'd be rather guilty myself. Atton... I liked Atton, I really did. I liked him from the first moment I met him on Peragus II and he made a comment about me running around in underwear. =p At least he was more like a "real" guy, in that aspect. You know Disciple would have been hiding his eyes. And if you think he's such a good guy, you need to the check the dialog file, and some sound files that weren't used in the game. There was a lot of stuff for the romance options that they didn't use, for both male AND female romances. Check the StreamVoice folder, folder 904, folder 904Atton , for one example of what would have happened with Atton, had they not cut so much of the ending. That's more of the light side ending there, though (sound files for two different endings). For a dark side example of a romance with Atton, check folder 903 for Atton's sound files. You'll find he wasn't such a light sider... And I think most of you will absolutely LOVE what you hear for that little snippet that was cut. Trust me. Sadly, if you actually check the files after beating the game, you find there was a little more to the romances than you saw in game. It's sad it all ended up on the cutting room floor for some reason, but after checking the files, I was less disappointed, at least, to see that something had been written, something had been planned. But overall, I agree -- better romances, and I wish people would stop being so terrified of a kiss! I can murder innocents, but they can't show a kiss? Bah. Oh, and, uh... sorry I rambled, and... Hi! I'm new. =p Well, previously a quiet lurker, anyway. ~ D.
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