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  1. I don't think anyone is saying martial characters should be attacking 7 times a round, but a character who stacks dexterity, uses light weapons, and light armor should be rewarded with more attacks than the character with 3 dex, a greatsword, and full plate. Most importantly its the only way to make speed not strictly worse than power in all scenarios, but also it just makes sense. Even though turn based is not normal RTwP PoE it should still FEEL like the turn based version of normal PoE that it is supposed to be, and action speed and recovery are huge parts of real time PoE's combat. To have them be completely irrelevant in turn-based mode is just silly.
  2. I see a light people worried that a roundless system makes dexterity the best stat. That's not a criticism. Something has to be the best stat. It's just as acceptable for it to be dex as any other stat. That said if the alternative to dexterity, light armor, and light weapons being the best options is them being completely worthless options I don't know how that's an acceptable alternative. It's simply not good game design for heavy armor and slow weapons to be pure upside, and for light armor and fast weapons to be worse in all scenarios. It doesn't matter what is the best option, as long as they're maximizing the number of viable options, which is just absolutely not the case right now.
  3. I agree that dex doesn't need to be the best stat for EVERYONE but it should be the best stat for melee rogues and other finesse based martial characters. Even ignoring dexterity, It just doesn't make any sense that the only viable way to build a rogue right now in turn-based is to wear the heaviest armor possible and use slow weapons. This is all well and good but giving you more attacks and damage baseline still doesn't resolve the issue that light armor and light weapons are strictly worse than heavier ones. I think the best solution, as was suggested, is just to remove discrete rounds and have initiative constantly determine turn order. Thus after attacking a faster character would some time get another attack before slower characters get their first. Then round based buffs/defbuffs count actions rather than rounds. This is how most tactical rpgs, like Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre, treat it and it just makes sense, making speed have value without being overpowered. Alternatively, you could have break points like with int and debuff duration currently, or you could have something like have +10% attack speed give you +10% chance to have an extra attack. Even if dexterity, light armor, and light weapons aren't the best option, they still need to at least be an option.
  4. Even if you ignore the implications for dexterity and attack speed, which I don’t think you should, you still have the issue of what the current system does to daggers and light armor. It’s nice that initiative is still relevant for casters and Ccbots but I’ve always played a rogue who uses light armor/weapons and high attack rate to pump damage, and now you’re actively punished for doing so. I have no interest in having to wear heavy armor and pumping might to do damage. In any turn based rpg worth mentioning either you can stack speed to attack more often or rogues are balanced around the fact that they wear light armor and use lighter weapons. The current state of turn based is that fast weapons and light armor are strictly worse than the alternatives, which is super disappointing because otherwise I absolutely love the turn based mode.
  5. First of all, I love the turn based mode, that said I’d love to see something done, as others have stated, to make dexterity more useful for melee characters. Dexterity and weapons/abilities that granted attack speed increases used to allow you to attack more frequently, but obviously in the current iteration of turn based combat you never get more than one attack per round. This makes dexterity underwhelming as a stat and makes weapons like daggers and rapiers almost irrelevant. You could have initiative thresholds grant extra actions or you could have the increased percentage you’d get to attack speed in real time translate into an equal percentage chance to gain an extra attack in turn based, or if you didn’t want to give people more than 1 attack per round you could make dexterity contribute to accuracy. I feel like something needs to be done though to prevent dexterity and fast weapons from becoming useless for melee characters.
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