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  1. I tried this and it did not work. I have opened a ticket and have done all these steps and them some with support. There is something seriously wrong with the game and how it interacts with nVidia 10 series cards, that is not fixable without dev and nVidia intervention.
  2. Well, unfortunately the game still runs terribly when I start a new game. After a clean install with no PoE settings left behind, I used your save file after another install and started a new game and I was still dropping 20 plus frames on the starter beach ever 3-5 seconds. I am curious if you are importing a save file or not in your new games? I do every single time and I am wondering if that has anything to do with this already terribly coded game running into more issues then it is worth. I believe there is no fix for my issue without dev intervention and am going to try and seek a refund on Fig due to this issue going unresolved for a year. Thanks for trying to help Nehm hopefully one day fellow watchers get to play this game with zero issues.
  3. Hey Nehm, I tried it with your save file and I can say the performance is better but not ideal. I am still getting micro stuttering of about 2 frames that does semi-lock the game. This I can somewhat deal with; without ripping out my own eyeballs. The issue then is I just lost a save of about 52 hours? I loaded my save with your save files and the stutter subsided to every 30 seconds of a 30ish frame drop. Do we have any idea what is causing this issues or has OBS taking their EPIC and M$ money and forgot about this game and it is now up to the community to try and fix it? Sidenote: I use GOG and launch via PoEII exe not GOG galaxy and do not have cloud sync enabled nor the GOG overlay. So, steam isn't what corrupted my files.
  4. I have tried all these things to fix this issue. It is still on-going I have submitted a ticket to the support email to see if this can be resolved. Thank you for your suggestions though.
  5. I have done all those things plus the save manipulation to see if my achievement plus saves have been corrupted. The issue is still on-going. I have followed your advice and sent an email to support. I highly doubt it will be answered unfortunately I believe OBS has just kinda said forget it. I am most likely just out my money.
  6. I have a 1080 ti as well and the game ran fine until I took a break and there were a few patches. I have a clean install of windows, I've deleted some good ol' asus bloatware, installed latest drivers, uninstalled and re-installed. This problem has been on-going since December, do I need to play with a 760 to make this game run? I've followed the guides to fix "nvidia cards", I have used Special K and I still am unable to stop the gameplay from freezing every second and being locked to 40 fps. I could live with the 40 fps, if my game wasn't a slideshow. This is the only game on my system I have issues with, if as one person above said they are unable to fix our issues then maybe it is time for them to be issuing refunds for these issues they refuse to resolve.
  7. There has been 557 views on this page and I have still yet to have anyone in tech support respond to my post. This issue is still on-going, after fresh windows install, driver updates, deleting tons of ASUS bloatware. I have no issue with any other games, I see tons of post related to 10 series cards taking a crap. I can please have some form of response or if there is no ability to get a response is there anyway to inquire about a refund for a broken game?
  8. This issue is still persisting. Is it possible to have any technical assistance with this issue? I'm currently sitting on a 100 dollar product I am unable to use. Thank you
  9. I can't run the game long enough before getting a headache to be able to even get a memory leak. The stuttering and chopping starts immediately. Currently as it stands for me, I have a product I am unable to play where previously it was fine. It certainly isn't my system. I attached a dxdiag but it doesn't seem to be showing up. I have 1080 ti - 5930k - 32 GBs of ram at 3000 MHz. The game makes me want to puncture my own eyes out due to the crazy amount of skipping/stuttering that goes on. If I don't move the characters it stutter/freezes, if I do move the characters it does the exact same thing. If I press the journal the game locks for a second. I've tried the sticky posts nVidia fix and it has not provided me a solution. It'd be nice to hear from Obsidian about this issue as alt-tabbing used to fix this issue but now it seems to only make it worse.
  10. With the recent patch I've noticed a massive drop in sability in my game. I went from a solid 88 frames avg to now around 40 to 57 in more areas with a number of NPCs. I've gone through and looked at a lot of forum posts regarding performances. I've tried forcing D11 and windows exclusivity. I tried the nVidia control panel fix. I even tried the Special K CPU logic limiter fix but I'm still getting choopy frames. Even if I am in an area where I can run up to 144 frames, I get a ton of stutter. Running out of ideas... I'm a huge fan of the game and would actually like to finish my playthrough but it's hurting my eyes to have my screen constantly stop/freeze and slowly go back up to the frames it was at. To only stop/freeze and do it again. I'm having no other issues in any of my games and I'm out of ideas. I've uninstalled and re-installed. Thanks for any help fellow watchers!
  11. My issue is that every single time I enter combat all of my companions but usually Xoti and Eder complain about having to much stuff in their inventory. Their inventory is quite empty.
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