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  1. I wish I had the GOG version instead of the Steam version at this time because the new patch made me unable to loot or open any containers. I knew I should have waited a few weeks to start a game because of bugs. That's what I get.
  2. I can no longer loot any corpses or containers, no loot window opens when I click on them. This is a new issue after the new patch, I could loot prior to it. Anyone else? I searched for this topic prior to this post but didn't find anything.
  3. Agreed. I tend not to be bothered by spiders in real life but I fought a big spider under Caed whatever and that thing was disgusting, as it should be. I felt bad for Aloth after it had it's way with him.
  4. I don't think you can. As of now I find the map almost completely worthless because it's far too dark and there are rarely pre-made markers and I can't add any. I'd like to see that change.
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