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  1. The welcome e-mail of the scavenger hunt specified (and I quote): "alphanumeric codes have been hidden in a variety of different Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire assets; from screenshots and trailers to social media posts, website banners, and images." So I guess you could consider a game itself and all its contents a "Deadfire assets" but I think that would be stretch .
  2. It is not odd, as nobody ever promised that the hunt will end on release day. There is not end-date established. And what is more, Obsidian guys stated that we will have access to the hunt couple of month after release. It may be disappointing that we won't have all the goodies on release day, but it certainly isn't odd and it doesn't mean that we missed some codes. There is still plenty of time for Obsidian to give us more.
  3. Nope, it is not. You only disable achievements if you use "cheating" codes in the console - so any code that starts with "Iroll20s". Other codes are not considered cheating and as such do not disable achievements.
  4. My husband watched Cohn's streams practically in their entirety and noticed no obvious codes (like tattooed on his forehead , displayed during "I'll be right back", hidden in character/ship names etc.). And there would be no codes in the actual gameplay footage in there. Personally I stay away from such streams (cause spoilers and, well, boring) but I feel fairly sure there was no code there.
  5. I really think that if we would miss one they would put that one up instead of putting "EQC3bw" again and again; and a tease from ObsidianEric was just that - a tease to make us go and watch those 40 videos again .
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