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  1. Agreed. First 20 hours, 8.0 The remainder, 1.0 Average 4.5/10 <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I couldn't agree more justabloke, KOTOR2 started off like it was going to be a great game and ended up just a weak mess with too many unanswered questions. 5/10 is the best score I could give it.
  2. I'm sure everyone here knows that Kreia can upgrade (improve) your personal crystal after you have built your lightsaber. I'm still not sure what triggers the upgrade tho'. Is it lightside/darkside increase, level increase or influence? If anyone knows for sure, please post here. I just kept asking her everytime I went into the Ebon Hawk. My character at the end of the game was a Jedi Sentinel lvl 15, Jedi Watchman lvl 14...my personal crystal had these stats: Atk +2 Dex +4 Str +3 Wis +5 Dmg +3 LS How does that compare to yours?
  3. My first post on this forum, just wanted to put in my 2 cents worth. I loved KOTOR I and replayed it many times and like so many others here, waited impatiently for the release of KOTOR II. In fact I bought it on the first day of release (PC version). I didn't have all the problems some people on this board did with the bugs and graphics (I have a newer system) and I felt the story was deeper and some of the characters more interesting (Kreia). I guess I should say I enjoyed the story up to a point. What was shaping up to be a terrific sequel to KOTOR turned instead into a stink bomb that went off in my face. Too many loose ends that weren't tied up (HK-50 factory, GOTO and Remote, to name two) and an ending that wasn't worthy of a Star Wars game left me confused and angry. I'm thankful to the many post here on the cut scenes and dialog that we never got to hear. It helps explain a lot. And, I remain hopeful that the mod community can put together a completed ending for us fans and do what Obsidian should have in the first place. Furthermore, if there ever is a KOTOR 3, I won't be buying it if this is the quality of product that LA/Obsidian puts out. Like so many, I only have so much I can spend on games and $50 is too much for an unfinished one. As my dear old dad use to say, "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." Anyway, thanks for allowing me to rant. BTW, I signed the petition.
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