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  1. To all italian fans of PoE, I can assure you that there will be an Italian translation of the game, though not necessarily released from Obsidian Entertainment or their game publisher Paradox Interactive. I have learnt that they are going to release their own localization tool, so that fans can provide their own language translation. Hope this clears everything out.
  2. Hello Obsidian Team, and whole Obsidian forum community users. I'm an Italian guy, member of the Tes Translators Team, whose forum is run by the well known RPGItalia network, and I'd like to offer our help to translate Pillars of Eternity into Italian. We have translated many fallout and the elder scrolls mods, and I am currently working on delivering a complete and correct TES IV italian localization, as the official one was far from perfect and complete. Italians deserve an Italian translation of your promising game, at least by our view. Hoping in an answer from any of you, FatalIllusion
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