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  1. Because: changed Perception bonus from Deflection to Accuracy EDIT: nvm i'm an idiot, no stats gave accuracy bonus before, i was thinking that they swapped the stats
  2. ...as subject. Since in my save (at the very beginning of the game) i have Eder and Aloft with modified stats via IEMod, do you know all the new stats for companions, provided they have changed something :D Thank you :D
  3. I want to ask too about this: 2.0 will come out with the expansion so we will se 1.7 patch or not?
  4. I recruited Edér and he was 3rd level with two talents: rapid recovery and weapon focus ruffian, is it normal? Tryed to relevel him from 0 but i could choose only one talent so i left him like the game give me :V
  5. Ok tank you, I started finally a game (hard) with a ranged Cipher and i'm going to recuit: eder, sagani, hiravias, aloth and durance
  6. So just to be clear, if you use IEMod you can change stats to npc and re-level them from 0 without disabling achievements?
  7. Hello everyone, just a simple question. Let's say that the npc are bad so i want to create my own party, i'll lost for sure all the dialogue and the side quest. About the second part, could i reach the exp cap (level 12) skipping all npc quest? Thank you :D
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