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  1. I have the Digital Download Plus which, even though it has everything from the Royal edition, for some reason mapped to the Hero edition. Digital Download Plus This tier includes: Digital Downloadable Copy of Pillars of Eternity, DRM free for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Digital download of the Cooking with Tim Cookbook – An RPG-themed e-Cookbook. Digital download of the making of Pillars of Eternity Documentary. Digital Downloadable Soundtrack in MP3 and FLAC. Digital Novella by Chris Avellone. Digital High-Res Game Map. Digital High-Res Concept Art Pieces. Wallpapers for Multiple Monitors. Pillars of Eternity Themed Ringtones. Digital Collector's Book. I understand that the novella and the documentary aren't ready, but I only see the game, the cookbook, the collector's book, and the OST in my products section. No map, art pieces, wallpapers, or ringtones. Is that the case for others?
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