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  1. ive got the boxed copy from the kickstarter but also have the steam version installed. just wondering, does this boxed copy require the dvd to be left in to play?
  2. I ordered a physical copy. It has said shipping soon for a week. Just wondering when it will ship?
  3. When I pledged 50 back in July, it was for a physical copy of the game. I just read the physical copy will not include a disc. Is that still the case or am I not understanding? If that is the case I guess I have to preload through steam or gog?
  4. does yours say shipped? just wondering. just hope mine doesnt slip through the crack lol
  5. I made the pledge for 50 back in July, the order status says Shipping soon, and i was just wondering when will it actually ship? Will we get it on the 26th? Mine has said shipping soon for a couple days now.
  6. I made a pledge for this game back on July for 50 for a physical copy of the game. I totally forgot if it charged me for it back then or if its not going to charge me till the game ships. Anyone have any idea?
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