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  1. RP does completely match coop MP. Since ever RP (p&p, tabletop, etc.) is always played in a party. Ppl who do not acknowledge that fact simply don't understand the meaning of RP.
  2. Unfortunately you guys make me wanna cry. It seems to me I'm punish for you don't get any friends to play with you. I can tell you how a multiplayer mode should be played, it's called coop. Of course there will allways only be one "first" hero, but why shouldn't it be possible to have a buddy following you just like one of the NPCs. If cutscenes and conversations where made a bit better than in Neverwinter Nights 1/2, there is really no disadvantage. If "the game system was inspired by classic and contemporary tabletop fantasy role-playing games". then they should, no they must giv
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