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  1. I never threaten to not buy any of their games again, but it will have me double take at the "other" game I would be buying if I didnt buy an obsidian game. The actually content is incredibly minor and very stupid thing to care about. However, the philosophy behind the pull IS something to care about. When you pull things due to censorship you are sending a clear message that you can force censorship on companies, whether the majority buying the product want the censorship or not. This is the kind of president MANY people are against. It isnt really about the backer being ok with it, it's the
  2. Weren't you one that in earlier topic asked Obsidian to make changes how wizards work because you didn't like how they worked? And now you are offended when somebody else asked them to make changes in their game and they did? I am bit confused why you think that one change is against all the morals and other is just good service. Asking for design changes is one thing and asking something to be censored is not the same thing. One is trying to eliminate personally problematic jokes, morals, culture, and ect. The other is mechanical.
  3. Imo, Obs has the right to add or subtract anything they feel is in their best business interests. The "offending" memorial should have been addressed when it was submitted, not down the road when everyone craps themselves. Well ya, they have that right, but consumers have the right to take issue with a backer based reward getting removed after the fact. It calls into question trusting them with backer rewards in the future.
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