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  1. Nope. The game automatically connects to PlayFab and links a PlayFab ID to your account. What if I have the iOS game, and have a PFID, but don't see the game under "My Products" on the Obsidian site? Is that explained by the "No products available... yet!" tag on that page? Edit: Nevermind. I've caught up to the thread now, and I understand that we're still in the "we're working on it" stage. =)
  2. I'm playing on an iPad Mini 3, with iOS 10.3.2 My PFID is 76F3F08DBA33E9C I'm in Scenario 3-1 (Them Ogres Ain't Right) at the Waterfront. Ezren has just drawn a Giant Weasel and has a check to acquire it. The default selection is Wisdom 5. (The other option is Survival.) The dice pool shows a d8. I also have a bonus of +1, which, for the life of me, I don't know why I have. None of Ezren's skills or powers seem to give +1 to Wisdom checks or checks to acquire allies. I don't see any cards in his hand or deck that might be doing this either Even more strange, I'm able to play the Inc
  3. I'm not sure I know quite how to approach the daily challenge. Today's is to defeat Approach to Thistletop with only Ezren. Does that mean I need to take Ezren as a solo party through story mode until I get to and defeat that scenario? Or can I select just that scenario in some way? I'm not sure how this works.
  4. Whelp, it wasn't there for me after my first force quit (I did what you did), but, a few hours (and another force quit) later, and there it is. Either I did something wrong, or needed to be patient. =) Thanks!
  5. Good Afternoon. I just used the /redeem page to activate the promo card I received at Gen Con this year. How long does it take for that card to show up in the Gallery on my app? I don't want to jump the gun and presume there is a technical problem if I really just need to be patient. Thanks!
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