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  1. About Atris, for me reasons to kill her are quite simple: If male - you want save handmaiden If darkside - Atris is last Jedi that Exile want to kil to get his revenge If lighside - atris is corrupted by darkside and must be stopped from spreading her teachings. The main problem is that this motives arent all well explained in the game, but i think that it is effect of rushing the game.
  2. Does any body actually read those large, yellow inscriptions flowing through the space in the begging of the game ? There is clearly stated that Republic is "on a verge of collapse". If anybody stil isnt convinced, despite this and some conversations in the game i really know what more evidences he requires
  3. How can you compare KotoR to Battlefield or EP III ?! Their are Shooters and KotoR is RPG, dont you see a diffrence ? Sigh, go to play MU - online...
  4. I have to disagre with this point. In Unknown Planet youre not able to chose guys You take to the temple because it was clearly said that only FORCE USER can enter there. In Malachor you dont have single hint why you must walk solo rather then go to academy with Hadnmaiden and Visas for an instance.
  5. Nope, i unterstand You quite well. Just dont see single reason why its better to surrender to Sith rather then fight for freedom. Its true thats some times its better to dont fight (just to save live and be able to fight tommorow ), but, for a Gods sake, the Sith arent unbeatable, and The Republic was still existing ater few thousands years after KotoRs.
  6. Because i like interesting discussions ? But i like to discuss arguments not statements.
  7. Sry man but if you think that giving up to the Siths is the best way, and saving yours ass is the most important, thats not my problem.
  8. And the Nihilus is looking better than villain from Vidocq . I dont realyy see nany sensy in such comprisons. Revan got nice robe, some Siths got better, some not. Thats all.
  9. The Queen would be quickly relieved from lidership if Sith take over the Onderon. And i dont really think so they will just turn it into barren rock instead of conquering it, because this planet wasnt enouch significant target to organise such "demonstration". Besides, you was speaking about "big picture" arent you ? In big picture, the sacrifice of some systems could save countles lives that could be eventually lost due to Sith oppresions.
  10. Yep, but both Romans and Siths wanted to rule things rather then turn anything in their reach into smoldering ruins. Onderon could have bad luck and become an "example" to the galaxy what happens with resisting systems (similar as Alderaan), but there is not to big probability of happening this. And the Cartage was a "personnal" matter Nope, i mean Sith Empire from "Golden age of the Sith Empire" comics. And BTW, if memory serves, the DS II shield was down even before Anakin throw Palpatine into that hole.
  11. Suffer for sure under Vaklu, OR take some casualities and suffer from Sith occupation IF Republic really loss war and collapse (BTW, Taris surendered to the Sith, and was blown up nevertheles ). I will take the chance . But still exists. Every country got its rises and falls. Remember Sith Empire ? It was totalitaristyc autoritharian empire and lost war badly to the "non efficient" Republic.
  12. Yes, after few thousands years, as we know from Ep I-III... The Republic, and especially the Jedi were weak after the war with Exar Kun. The Revan had its plans, true, but they ends miserably after Malaks "coup the grace". Besides, Youv seen Revans Siths in KotoR, their ideology, do You really think that they will be able to rule the galaxy better than the Republic ?! Only to make them suffer under Sith tyranny. Great...
  13. Nope, not helping Vaklu is prefenting Republic from falling apart (one system leftig will probaly cause chain reaction) and gives it chance to recover from war loses. If the Sith take the galaxy this really wouldnt matter what happend with Onderon, because virtually everyone in the galaxy will suffer from their oppresion, and keeping Republic intact is only way to prevent that.
  14. ...with some adjustments. I didnt see Kendo gear with cape and hood.
  15. Agreed, but look what was all about. I was saying that helping Vaklu, was a DS (BAD) choice because the Republic demise would eventually lead the galaxy to turining into totalitaristic dictatorship, and usually such countries arent good for its citizens.
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